Cookbook Club

We pick a cookbook a month
Then we cook, share, eat & discuss

We Cook

Each month we test recipes from one cookbook

We Discuss

We discuss our experiences over a meal together as we share the food we cooked from that month’s book

We photograph

Of course we slather the site with mouth-watering pictures

We Share

We share our findings with you and hope they help inspire you to cook more

Why did I start this club?

I think one of the nicest things about cooking is the joy of sharing and eating the food with good people.

But why not just have pot-luck parties?  Why bother using specific cookbooks?

I reckon it’s interesting to see how we each interpret recipes differently from the same cookbook. This club might be a good way to share our experiences and we may even learn a thing or two from each other.

It also gives us a common focus each month and provides us an easy nudge to try new things.

With some cookbooks there may be exotic ingredients that we can share with each other rather than leaving them to wither slowly in our cupboards because we’re too busy to use them again (waste is so painful!)

How does it work?

"I started this club because if I ate everything I wanted to cook I'd have to exercise all day or keep buying larger clothes.

− Andrea

"Andrea talked me into it...she said there would be potatoes and ice cream."

− Tom