Figs, Goats Cheese and Honey Salad from the Honey & Co. Cookbook.

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After the weekend of struggling to take pictures of hot food (most of which couldn’t be re-heated easily so I had just one attempt!) in dark conditions, it was such a relaxing change to takeĀ a picture of a cold salad in lovely daylight.

If you’re eagle-eyed (and familiar with the recipe), you might have noticed the lack of pistachios. Sadly, I left them in the house when I headed down to London flat today.

The salad was still decent. I think the figs themselves were a little lacking in flavour (I hear my farmers’-market-loving friends saying that’s what you get from buying your groceries online). Let’s just say I was thankful for the honey.

Overall, the richness of the creamed goats cheese was nicely offset by the figs and lemon and the mint added a pleasant brightness to the dish. I had mine with a warm baguette, which brought everything together really well for me.

I’ve got to get back to huge stack of work now so I’ll share the recipe later in the week.

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