Honey & Co.’s Sea Bream with Grapes, Cucumber and Yoghurt

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First of all, holy begonias it’s difficult to take a good photo at night without bright lights and more importantly whilst thinking “Damn! My food is getting cold and eating cold roast potatoes is a sacrilege!”

Onto the recipe…I substituted the sea bream for sea bass because the sea bass was on offer and being a cheapskate I make pretty much all my grocery decisions based on what’s on offer. As Tom supportively said, “they both have sea in their name so it’s fine”.

I picked this recipe because I was intrigued by the use of grapes with fish. I had never thought to combine the two.

The verdict?

We thought that the grapes and cucumber combination was reasonably nice but not remarkably. I guess it makes for a pleasant and light summer lunch.

But neither of us thought the yoghurt was particularly helpful. It didn’t do much for the fish or the grape-cucumber salad. So overall the yoghurt didn’t really work for us.

However, making this dish has sent my brain a-buzzing with other ideas for fresh-tasting salad options to go with fish. I’d been a little uninspired lately so that’s a marvellous side effect!

As a small bonus too, I rarely buy goat’s milk yoghurt so I personally enjoyed the different experience of eating the yoghurt.

All in all, this dish really highlights some of the reasons I started the cookbook club. It nudged me to try new flavour combinations, buy a different type of ingredient (goat’s instead of regular yoghurt) and get me to take a photo quickly!

I hope you’re inspired to do the same.

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