November’s Cookbook is Honey & Co.

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May the cooking begin!

Alright, this post is about 2 weeks later than I announced the book or the date of the first event because heck it takes time to build a site when you run a business as well. So the first line is my failed attempt at pretending  as if it’s all fresh and new.

If you don’t know me yet, you’ll be able to see my non-poker face if you come to one of our club lunches. I wouldn’t last a day as a spy (or a used car salesman).

Our first meeting is on 15 November. You can peek at what everyone else is bringing in this spreadsheet. I’ll post the form for you to sign up as soon it’s ready (holy geez there are so many plugins to choose* from!). If you don’t see a form on the page, email and we’ll take it from there.

I’ve included a video of the authors making a dish for the Guardian Food YouTube channel.

Happy cooking! (Or (more likely?) just salivating whilst reading food sites and watching food programmes)

*I don’t need any cheek from those of you who know me in my day job as a decision-making trainer

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