Short Ribs with Dates, Date Molasses and Potatoes

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It’s probably only going to be on occasion when I take photos of ingredients but the short ribs looked so gorgeous (I do have a soft spot for sexy-looking meat), I couldn’t resist photographing them.

The recipe was was very easy to put together and good for people with slow cookers.

The verdict?

The meat was tasty I thought but the number of dates made the dish a little too sweet for my liking. I reckon fewer dates and some red wine to balance the sweetness would make it just right.

Tom, who has a sweeter tooth than me, gave the dish the thumbs up and says, “Delicious!”

Given its ease, I can see myself giving this another go this winter.

As an aside, I wonder how many different cuts lab grown meat will include. I do hope they include short ribs.

Below is a video on lab grown meat via Tom’s marvellous blog.

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